Creating with Emotions Online Class

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Emotions vibrate faster than thoughts. They are powerful conduits for creating reality and our life experiences. Learning to energy movementuse the power of emotions to our benefit is a crucial step to thriving (especially as an empath).

If you’ve taken “Empowering Empathic Abilities” and “Healing and Empowering the Emotional Body” online classes, Creating with Emotions offers practices for the next step with our emotions once we’ve learned to master them.

In this class we will focus on:

*How emotions fuel vibrations (and our point of attraction)

*The role of emotions in creating our reality 

*The importance of trust, healing, and shadow work in the process of consciously creating

*Practices that help to remove common blocks in our creation process

*The role of DESIRE in creation 

*The power of NOW: How to embrace the moment and use it to its fullest potential

Price $33

I look forward to connecting again!

 Creating with Emotions Online Class $33

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Meditation Monday: Manifesting with the Elves

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Welcome to Meditation Mondays!

Because I do some so much with meditation in my online classes, I thought I’d start offering my writing (and/or audio) meditations on Chakra Center once a week. This gives you a sneak peak of what the online writing classes are like, and allows you to try out different meditation techniques and explore new realms of your imagination. It’s a win/win.

In my Writing to Connect with the Elves class, we do a lot of meditating. Most of our writing exercises are actually what I call “Writing Meditations.”

In honor of the end of my second round of guiding the Writing to Connect with the Elves class (and the start of Meditation Monday), I thought I’d share one of our class meditations. All you need is a journal, a writing utensil, and a quiet place in nature.

For those of you who aren’t really into the metaphysical stuff (or the elemental realm), this will probably be a new experience for you. Don’t worry if you think some of this is weird. It doesn’t matter if you actually believe in any of it; the important thing is to allow your imagination to take over and have fun!

If you don’t know any mythology about the Elven realm, don’t worry. The idea is for you to discover the Elemental realm through the writing meditations — really, through your own heart. Feel free to do research, but in my experience it’s much more magical and mysterious to learn by what comes forth through you.

Be sure to save everything you write down from this writing meditation. Visuals typically come first, meaning comes later.

Simply follow the instructions and allow your imagination to do the rest!

Seeing Thought Forms: (From Writing to Connect with the Elves, Meditation #2):

Many don’t know this, but Elves are masters of manifesting. All things that exist in our physical world came into form through a process of creation, focus, and emotional fueling on the etheric realm before beginning their journey in our 3D existence.

The Elves exist primarily in the etheric realm, and therefore all pre-manifested  thought forms and potentials already exist around them. The realm of thought forms could be considered our “future,” as they are the creation realm for things to manifest on the physical plane.

Some thought forms are stronger than others, as the more focus we (in the third dimension ), put on things in the etheric dimensions (or thought forms), the faster they vibrate and the more energy is generated around them to move into physical reality.

Elves know how to maneuver and manipulate these energy fields, and because of this perspective, they have invaluable insight for us on the art of manifesting.  They don’t, however, like to involve themselves with this aspect of our existence unless it directly involves or affects them. And in our case, it does.

Jarin (the Elf who gave me the idea for this class), explained to me that as humans learn to give focus and emotional energy to their bliss (rather than their fears, sadness, or pain) it changes the way the energy moves on their dimensional plane (naturally) and creates specific geometric energy patterns that generates more harmony in their realm. Helping us connect to our bliss directly benefits their dimension.

Here is the message I received for today’s meditation:

“You humans have much to learn on the art of manifestation. It is something you do without thinking, every moment you breathe, but you do this unconsciously, often without applying the craft of intention – the gift of your imagination.

Much has been said about what you call ‘the law of attraction,’ but we Elves like to call it the ‘Art of Creation.’

All that you think and feel exist on a dimension you cannot see, taste, or smell. The only access most of you have to this realm is through your emotions – you feel your way through it. Developing your emotional intelligence through employing your intuition is the most important aspect of manifesting, and it is an art that most humans leave out of the equation.

You believe logic to be the answer. Logic can serve you, indeed. But logic does not move the dimension of ideas with the same power of emotion. Logic energetically vibrates slower, and therefore takes more time and energy to move fully from pre-manifestation energy waves, into your 3D experience.

When you tap your intuition – moving into the world of “feeling” – you can enter into the realm of pre-manifestation, and begin to perceive all possible potentials and your relationship to them. You will see the position of all thoughts, all ideals, all potentials. It is important to learn to perceive this realm if you are to be a master of intentionally creating your world. This is a very real realm you can enter and move around in; you will feel where things are, and move them to new places with the power of your focus, changing the shape and pattern of all energy forms.

Many have become Masters of this realm, using this understanding both for good and for ‘evil’ (misalignment with the Higher Self). It is not in the nature of us Elves to readily share this information. In fact, many of our people are against it, as much harm has been caused from humans using the mastery of our realm to control others and manipulate our world. But most of us have come to understand that helping those of who carry strong movements of Light in your realm, would benefit greatly from this understanding, and therefore, from our Wisdom.

Understand that we do not take this lightly. It is for the transforming energy your focus brings to our dimension, that some of us choose to offer ourselves as guides to you. It is a mutually beneficial exchange, as all things are, and must be honored and respected if it is to move forward.

Before you move further into our world, there are many things you must understand about it, and this is perhaps the most vital.

The key to moving and manipulating energy forms and pre-manifested potentials is to use your focus through intuition and emotion. Your intuition is a gift, a guidance system, a tool given to you by the Creator to move and navigate your way through worlds. It is not only your world where this tool is beneficial; it is most especially useful in all other dimensions. Indeed, intuition is the only safe way to inter-dimenionally travel.

Emotions work with intuition, but they are not the same. Emotions  are like signals for your intuition; they will tell you how your relationship is in relation to any energy form that exists on this realm. But your intuition will tell you which direction to move those forms; to the right or left, up or down, or in a vibrating circle. We understand that this idea sounds foreign to you, as you are not use to talking about thought forms as if they are actual things – but indeed, they are. In fact, they are more “real” than those things in your world that you see, taste, and touch.

When I speak of moving these energy forms, I am not offering you a metaphor. Depending on the direction of your focus, things in this realm will move, and your relationship to them in your realm will change. These forms are fueled most powerfully through your emotional focus. Your emotions move thought forms faster, and with more force, than any other form of energy (other than Light). To master the use and focus of your emotions is to master your relationship to all energy forms in this realm.

The Art of moving energy is the practice of painting a picture through focus — the first draft, so to speak.

Those who understand this realm spend most of their focus here, rather than in the realm of “what is” already existing in the 3D realm, because they understand that “what is” is past tense – past tense that you, in your physical bodies, are experiencing as your “present.”

Those who understand the past tense nature of your existence, realize that to change anything in the physical reality, is to change the position of potentials and thought forms in our realm. Changing pre-manifestation position changes your relationship to all things. You no longer have to stand in opposition to the things you want, when you correctly understand your relationship and distance to all things.

If there is an area in your life you would like to improve, simply visiting this realm will show you where you are, the position of the thing you want, the quickest route to moving it to you, and the shape and frequency of its form. Learning to see this realm is perhaps the most powerful skill one can learn.

Don’t be concerned if much of this does not make sense to you. If will, in time, if you allow. Practice Seeing. Your entrance into our world is just that.”

Writing Meditation #2 – Seeing thought Forms

Find a place in nature and get into a relaxed, comfortable position. Take several deep, cleansing breaths.

Take out your notebook and write down the deepest desires of your heart.

Notice how you feel when you write them down. Does it fill you with joy and excitement as you think of your passions and dreams? Do you feel inspired? Or do you feel sad? Hopeless? Discouraged? Do you feel like you have failed yourself? Or that you are undeserving? Noticing your emotional reaction to your desires will give you an idea of how close they are to you.

If you feel any negative emotion as you think about your desires (things like “I don’t deserve this,”  “I’m not worthy,” “It will never happen,” etc), this is your indication that you have a barrier built around you in relation to your desires. Don’t judge yourself for this, just notice and write down what you feel.

Feel where these emotions are in your body. Do you feel it most in your lower abdominal area? Or around you heart? Perhaps you feel the emotions in your head or around your face. Simply notice where the emotion is coming from (positive or negative, depending on your relationship to your desires) and write down the position.

Now take a few more deep breaths, close your eyes, and try to find the space between your thoughts.

Feel your way into the Elemental realm. Are you at the entrance to a tree? What does it feel like this time? Is it night or day? Look around and try to take-in every detail. Notice the colors, the hues, the light, the shadows. Notice how you feel. Observe your breath. Does it flow deep and smooth, or is it quickening? Slow it down as much as possible.

Invite your elf to meet with you, or any other Elemental friend that may have interest in taking you on this journey.

When you feel their presence, take-in everything about them.  Imagine you are breathing in their energy, and they are breathing in yours – this is a true exchange. Ask them for a symbolic token that allows your entrance into their realm.

Take as much time as you need, and allow yourself to fully move into this experience. Allow the vision to unfold, without judging anything you think or see or hear. Simply observe, and allow the Elemental to reveal this world to you.

Now ask your Elven guide to take you to the place of your dreams — the cavern where the deepest and most ardent desires of your heart reside. As you watch the vision unfold, pay special attention to where you stand in relation to that desire.

Where are you? Does anything look familiar? Are you deep in the forests of the earth? Or high in the vast and wondrous sky? Are you outside or in? What does it feel like? Are you cold or warm? What emotions arise for you? Take in as many details about your environment as you can.

Now ask your guide to show you a visual representation of your deepest desire.

Can you see it, or is it hidden? Are you close or far away? How do you feel when you see (or search) for your desire? Where do you feel this emotion in your body?

Allow the feelings to come without judgment, and try to notice every detail of your emotions and surroundings. Remember to continue to breath deeply and simply observe. Stay in the vision as long as you need. Try to get a “feel” for where you stand in relation to your desire. If you feel any resistance, notice where the energy is moving in your body. Where do you feel the resistance?

Don’t be surprised if this exercise brings-up a lot of emotion. For some it may be a blissful, amazing adventure, for others it might be dark and painful. For many, it will probably be a mixture of both.

Most of us have many blockages to our deepest desires, and the elemental realm will show you, symbolically, where those blockages are. You are the only one who will understand the meaning of your vision, though you may not be able to interpret it all initially.

For this meditation, don’t try to rescue or move anything around in your vision. Simply observe it, memorize where things are and how they feel. Try to notice as many details as you can. Write down as much sensory information as you can absorb.

If you prefer to simply be in the vision, and write after you’ve come out, that’s fine. Just make sure you write down as much as you can, as it is easy to forget small details in these visits, but every detail means something. It’s all symbolic of your energetic vibration.

Everything you see, hear, taste, smell, touch, all represents something significant about your Story, your Consciousness, and your relationship to all things in this realm. Everything you See is valuable. Often you won’t understand the meaning of things until months later, which is why it is important to keep your journal of your visits.

When you feel you have taken in enough information, thank your Elf (or whatever Being that joined you), and offer them a gift. Then allow the vision to fade.

Before you leave your comfortable spot in nature, jot down a couple paragraphs describing how you feel. What was the experience like for you? Where is the emotion in your body? Do you feel lighter, or heavier?

Remember, there is no “right” or “wrong” answers. Don’t judge anything you feel. Simply allow yourself to feel. Be in the moment.