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A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words.

Grounds for Sculpture - Hamilton, NJ

Grounds for Sculpture – Hamilton, NJ

How true this is.  Photography can capture our world and hold moments in time in still life forever.

Certainly in this day and age, we have the technology to build fantastical photos.  But I remain a fan of letting the lens, the framing and light intermix and do all this work for themselves.

The Palisades - NJ

The Palisades – NJ

People, places, landscapes, starscapes, skyscapes, still and running waters, animals, even technological wonders make for incredible subjects.  Every photographer has his or her own specialties and preferences.

Sparta, NJ

Sparta, NJ

I am an amateur photographer, have been for most of my life.  I love nature, and like nothing better than taking a hike with my camera and a journal.  I can photograph the world and then use it as the basis for other creations, live and in person.  I also love unique and historical buildings, and impressive monoliths of technology, from aircraft to industrial machines to wind-towers.

Sedona, AZ

Sedona, AZ

So rather than write an endless collage of words about the wonder of photography, I am going to show more photos, and let them do the talking.

Columncile - Bangor, PA

Columncile – Bangor, PA

Photography.  Truly a diverse and far-reaching wonder of our wondrous world.


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