Understanding Empathic Abilities

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A few months ago I did a video on understanding empathic abilities. Since then I have received questions from people all over the world who are finally realizing they are empathic but unsure how to control it or what to do with it.

Any of you who who are reading this post probably understand that having extremely active empathic abilities can be emotionally overwhelming and even scary at times. Public places can feel like an emotional war zone and anxiety can become a daily struggle.

Many people who have powerful empathic abilities don’t have the empathy womanslightest clue what is happening to them. They just feel everything deeply, and it often seems as if their emotions are controlling them. How could they possibly know that this circus of emotions within them is in fact, a gift, and part of how they have chosen to heal humanity?

Often those with highly developed empathic abilities write themselves off as “emotional” at best, or psychologically unbalanced at worst.

The good news is, there are ways we can learn to control our empathic abilities and use them to our advantage.

To even begin to comprehend the seemingly endless well of emotions within us, we must learn to truly embrace and accept that our emotions are our greatest tool, our guidance system, our compass, and our best our friend. Emotions are not the enemy.

Now let’s get to work on understanding them:

1. Find out where the emotion is coming from

Each time you feel a strong negative or overwhelming emotion, ask yourself whether it belongs to you, or whether it is coming from someone else external from you. Your intuition will know. Listen to it.

2. Embrace the emotion (don’t bypass!)

If the emotion is in fact your own, try to embrace it. Allow yourself to empathy self soothing feel it fully, and tell yourself it is OK to feel. Imagine you are looking at the emotion from a higher perspective — almost as if you are outside of your body, viewing yourself and your emotions remotely. This will help give you some objectivity. Notice what you observe about yourself from this higher perspective.

3. Discover the core belief, validate it and sooth it

Ask yourself what the core belief of your emotion is (what thoughts are you thinking that are causing you to feel the negative emotion?). Feel where the emotion is inside your body (our bodies carry emotion in a very real and tangible way). Imagine your crown chakra opening-up and Source energy (unconditional love) pouring through your body, directly to the area where your emotion is stored. Allow the energy of Source to love and sooth you.

4. Shift your focus

After you’ve spent time validating and soothing your emotions, try to find thoughts that feel better than whatever thought it is that is causing the negative emotion. Finding any thought that makes you feel better (even if it is only slightly better) is a step in the right direction.

Change your focus. This is where a lot of people go wrong in their attempt at “positive thinking.” It’s not about ignoring how you feel, or trying to pile up a bunch of happy thoughts upon sad ones. It’s about recognizing the emotion, validating it, sending it love energy, and then shifting your focus away from it. Some emotions need more time than others to heal, but ultimately your goal is to validate and accept them with love and change your focus. Imagine the soothing energy you give the emotions literally transforming them into other things — new thoughts.

5. Transmute 

If you realize the negative emotion you have is not yours (but coming heartstone empathy from outside of you) this is when you transmute. Put up a beautiful white light around you, and imagine the emotion going through it and being transformed. This is where you become a true alchemist. Imagine the emotion (like sadness, for example) being transformed into joy, and then send it back out into the Universe.It is easier to do this when the feelings you are transmuting are not your own, because you  realize you have no attachment to it. You only need to recognize those emotions that are not yours in order to be free from them.

For me, the more I use visualization the better. When you are shielding, for example, use your imagination. What makes you feel the most joy, comfort, and peace? What colors do you want to surround yourself with? How would you like others to feel after their energy has been transmuted through your alchemy shield? Infuse your shield with all of your powerful intentions.

Because you are entangled with each person to whom you share emotions with, you will certainly feel the lifting of emotion when you transform emotional energy, whether it’s yours or not. When you send transmuted energy back into the Universe, the person whom the emotion came from will feel the difference — even if they don’t quite recognize what has occurred. This is how you heal. Your abilities are a gift.

6. Embrace your gift

Recognize that this is your gift to the world. It is the way you heal, and it is a beautiful gift indeed. Strong empathic abilities are not something to be feared, but rather embraced.

7. Shield (comfort)

If you are incredibly empathic and sensitive to other people’s emotions, it is a good idea to ALWAYS shield yourself before going out into public places.

Shielding does not need to come from a place of fear, but rather love. protectionLove for yourself and others. It is not about hiding from your gifts, it’s about learning to use them in a way that best serves humanity. Soothing yourself with white light helps you learn to see thought forms and emotions that “bounce” off your shield (or are transmuted through your shield) without your conscious thought. You can put this intention into your shield — the intention that the light will surround you with comfort and keep your love energy in a high vibrational state while transmuting negative energy.

If you feel like you’ve tried everything and yet continue to struggle with understanding and controlling your empathic abilities, it might be helpful to have a life activation intuitive reading from someone who knows about this kind of stuff. The sooner you recognize this is your gift and learn to use it, the more free you will become. There are many incredible healers and intuitive workers out there who can help you. Don’t be afraid to reach out for support.

Much love!


Here is the original video I did on Understanding Empathic Abilities: