Awakened People

This group of beautiful souls by no means reflects the full spectrum of amazing and inspiring teachers/guides/light-workers shinning on our planet right now. These are simply the people we’ve connected with (or been introduced to) at this time:

Charis Melina Brown (Teacher, Intuitive Development Guide)

Brandon Gilbert (Hyperion Herbs Founder, Teacher of Universal Flow, Herb Expert)

Dan Mcdonald (The Life Regenerator — Raw food guru)

Dashama Gordon (Yoga Goddess) 

Inelia Benz (Ascension 101)

Jared Domenico (Energy Healer) 

Lilou Mace (The Juicy Living Tour)

Polona Somrak (Ascension Pioneers)

Positive Pollyanna (Quantum Consciousness)

Sonja Choquette (Six Sensory Living)

Sudevi (Speaks on mystic spirituality, Hinduism, Catholicism and the greatness of God)

Teal Scott (Extrasensory, Esoteric teacher)


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