Help Wanted at Chakra Center


Chakra Center is getting a facelift!

As we clean things up a bit, we’re also adding new columns and contributors. Here’s what we’re looking for:

Book Reviewer

Are you an avid reader of all things metaphysical/health/spirituality related? We need someone who can be the resource for books in this genre.  You will post a new review twice a month, so this position requires someone who is a fast reader, or can at least synthesize solid feedback for a book they may only be half-way through.

Ascension Diet/Exercise Guru

Do you love to exercise and take care of your body? Are you passionate about food and its connection to the spiritual life? Do you love to write? Then we want you! We are looking for a column contributor who can commit to writing at least two articles a month on diet and nutrition (once a week would be preferable). Experience writing on this topic would be ideal.

Are you qualified?

Besides the requirements listed above, all candidates should be somewhat familiar with, general blogging style, and have a solid grasp of the English language.

Chakra Center staff members are self-motivated. We need people who have the ability to take the job seriously, meet deadlines, and commit to at least three months.

 Will I get paid?

No. Sorry. This job is volunteer only.  Chakra Center is not currently monetized in anyway, so none of us get paid. We are, however, opening the site up to online classes, workshops, and other services which will be offered on a donation basis. As we grow and advertise, every contributor will get a monthly donation.

Interested in an internship? Ask us how you can earn college credit for your position. And it looks great on a resume! Contact us for more details.

Join our team of kindred spirits, and help us bring more love, health, and bliss to the world.

We recently had two new contributors join our team (announcement/introductions coming soon). In the meantime, you can check-out our current team of awesomeness on our Staff and Contributors page.

Apply now! 


If you want to join the Chakra Center team, fill-out the form below  and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


One thought on “Help Wanted at Chakra Center

  1. I also have some “martial” zen “wisdom”

    I’m a “developing” Free Flowing “Combative” Martial “zen” Expressionist:

    I have the capacity to “impart” knowledge* on how to “find” the “cause”

    of One’s Mental/emotional:

    n’ bodily “Ignorance” n’ 2 Remove such “blockages”

    So that, one can, essentially* hack “into” n’ Maximize* Freedom of personal “expression”

    whether, it be thru, “bodily” movement:

    or “vocaL” tai chi “singing” or “vocalizing” harmonizing:

    ❤ or even, thru "written" Expression/materiaL:

    ❤ there's no Limit, this "freedom" of "thought" can be "translated"

    n' Super "imposed" no matter 'what "medium" of Expression:

    ❤ non "Restrictive" n' highly "liberating" forms of "Expression"

    n' Getting in "touch" with "inner" GnowinG:

    ❤ hoot hoot….

    Developing our "own" arsenal of "Vocabulary" Grimmoire* of "SPELLS"

    Creating our "own" (S)wordsmanShip:

    ❤ n' developing our "own" Language/Shortcuts*

    n' hot "keys" so 2 Speak:

    Our own, "short" Speak/Rhythms*

    ❤ hoot hoot…………………………………

    This is just a "snippet" of what I'm willing to Share*

    ❤ Free of "charge" cuz, I believe* all "GnoSiS" should be "made" available*

    the more it "spreads" the Best "results" n' Feedback:

    a "smarter" Community* therefore* higher n' more "intelligent"

    n' "responsive" Debate* can be "Shared" n' had:

    ❤ we do not "support" those "old" Customs/Superstitions*

    of "hoarding" Knowledge* n' "Truth"

    as though, only the "elite" can "have" access* 2 "true" GNOSIS:

    all "knowledge" = Ultimately* SELF "GNOSIS"

    One can "underStand" Le "universe" via "SELF"

    Self/Body* vessel, time "space" distortion/Portal* Hopping "machine"

    is nothing more, zen a "gateway" into, "other" Dimensional "realms"

    ❤ hoot hoot………………………………………….


    😉 ❤ ❤ Much Luv y Light, Mon amie*

    ^_____________________________________________^ ❤

    if any of this, Sounds "remotely" appealing*

    or, if u think, there would be an "appetite" or "audience"

    for the "type" of, "Wisdom" we have to "Offering"

    be sure, n' Let me Gno*

    :O ❤ ❤ hoot hoot…………………………………………

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