EmBody Bliss: A Deserving, Happy Heart

EmBody Bliss


Deep in the human heart, there is one desire—happiness.

I recently dissected my happiness and found it weak.  In my own “internal surgery,” I realized that every movement I make is fueled with a yearning, a severe thirst for happiness that often seems unquenchable.  And I know I’m not alone.

It has been said, “Happiness is where you find it.”  This statement illuminates our lookingown personal journey, perception, and vision of happiness, but most importantly draws attention to where we are looking for it.

Living in a world overcome by depression, disease, and ego, it would benefit us to dive deep into the place we hold our happiness and become acquainted with it.  With a mind void of cultural conformity, societal or self-expectation, religious discipline, or any other form of fear, we can initiate the most vulnerable, honest, and important conversation of our lives—the conversation between ourselves and our seemingly separate happiness.

Where are you relative to your happiness?  What are your greatest priorities in life and where does your own happiness fall on this scale?  How important are you making your happiness?  What things do you equate with happiness?  How introspectionmany days a week do you spend happy?  How often do you smile, laugh, and melt with gratitude?  There are no wrong questions; your questions receive your answers.

Your happiness is directly related to how you feel about yourself inside.  It is not state that someone can give to you; you must give it to yourself.  But no matter how far you’ve fallen from happiness, there is one thing that can turn this around for you—believing that you deserve happiness over anything else, with no exceptions.

We must understand that happiness does not need to be earned; it is a birth right for all.  It is part of our internal, intuitive knowing.  It is a feeling that awakens balloonswhat life really tastes like.  It is the divine path.  All beings, all things created, are equipped for this path and it is walked internally.  When your quest for happiness becomes external, you’ve missed yourself.

Every ingredient for happiness exists WITHIN you.  You are the Source from flowerwhich it blooms or dies.  Every moment of your life is working for your ultimate happiness, even if it’s cloaked in a temporary disguise of pain or discomfort.

So take the gift that has been yours all along.  Take nothing with you, except your happiness and take it forever.  Tune into the intrinsic feeling of joy that blazes within you, because you are life.  Feed yourself and watch life feed you back.  Discard all belief for a moment and BELIEVE IN NOTHING BUT YOUR HAPPINESS.  Within this belief, all of life blooms around you.



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