Are You a Psychic Sponge?


Recently a friend sent me this message:

“Do you have any resources on not being a psychic sponge?”

It’s probably one of the top questions for many empaths/intuitives.

Here’s my response:

When I start feeling like a sponge, I ask myself where I became a match Christ Consciounessto the perspective that someone’s energy can infiltrate me. When did I start believing I was separate from others — vulnerable to their existence? Is that even true?
It can be your reality, but it doesn’t have to be. I had to ask myself why I was attracted to that belief. It had to be serving me somehow, otherwise I wouldn’t believe it. Tracing the belief to its origin, I realized that to believe I could soak-up someone’s energy, fed my “wounded warrior complex.”  An aspect of my ego was attached to the “teacher” “fixer” “savior” role, (which doesn’t belong in a reality where I am an empowered Being, co-creating my reality with God/the Universe, and other creative, powerful souls).
I made the decision to see the Christ in everyone.  I can’t be a martyr because I don’t need to save anyone. Creation belongs to the One who created it. How could I possibly know more about God’s Creation than itself? And how would my God-self possibly fail me? 
The real freedom comes every time I release myself from the belief that I have to struggle through this reality like a wounded solider. I choose to act, breathe, and live from the Place of Peace, not Fear. That’s the Eternal Rest (a.k.a “life to the FULL.”)
Strength comes when I admit the truth: “I am able to do greater things…
In other words: You’re not a sponge. You can’t “soak-up” other people’s energy.
Unless, of course, you want to live in a vampiric reality, in which case, be my guest. We all choose our beliefs.”
EnJOY Monday!

4 thoughts on “Are You a Psychic Sponge?

  1. I love this! I absolutely believe I attracted this article into my reality as this type of questioning has been going around in my mind lately, like, “How do I protect myself as an empath?” “Aren’t I the creator of my reality? therefore, if I attract people with energies that I believe I’m absorbing, haven’t I just attracted that whole scenario? So really they are my feelings…” Your article has helped me come to a clearer understanding of this and I can see that I’m attracting all of it to me snd I can now empower myself to stop this cycle.

    I also have started a spiritual blog in hopes of bringing love and light to others but like you, I’ve had a wounded warrior complex and I’m starting to realise the more I believe people need “help” on their journey (including myself) the more I will create and attract people needing help… So I’m going to be meditating and finding guidance to write as though we are already “there” and just speak about love and light as though I’m relating to everyone and the universe.

    Thanks 😀

    1. I’m glad the article was able to bring clarity. I’ve had to go through the same set of questioning myself. It’s empowering (and freeing) to remember that we don’t have to save or fix anyone — only be our most empowered/authentic selves.

  2. Thanks for the reminder, Amanda, I really appreciate the advice and insight you are offering, a bit like an island haven in the middle of a chaotic ocean of misinformation. I was trying to think of another way to put it, but I guess this says it best – Namaste.

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