6 Week Bootcamp for Intuitive Business Owners


If you’re a business owner and want to tap into the current collective demand for conscious practices, you’d best be getting on board with the win/win/win.

Customers want quality, sustainability, and evolving business methods. They want to support companies they can trust and also support their well-being.

Simply put, if your business is not in alignment with the win/win/win, you will go extinct.

The game is changing.

How do you get on board with the trend? You get in touch with your intuition. You restore your heart to your practice.

6 Week Bookcamp for Intuitive Business Owners and Empathic Entrepreneurs

Here we create your business from the inside out. We set the energy to a sustainable model that supports the evolution of consciousness and make room in your practices for the next level of the game.

If you’re tapped into the current trend, you know this is essential.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Week 1: Find Your Highest Leverage Points: Define Your Needs, Secure Your Vulnerabilities, Learn the Rules of the Abundance Paradigm 

If you want your business to evolve with the current trend, it must support a lifestyle of thriving and conscious awareness.

Your intuitive, and your business should be built around your unique gifts, not the other way around.

Unfortunately, most business models are trapped in the lack matrix. They don’t take into consideration the full liberation of humanity and the fact that we are evolving into conscious manifesters. The needs of the collective are changing, and if you want to survive in business, it’s important to learn how to line-up to those needs — by getting clear about your own.

In this class, we put emotional/mental/physical expansion first. If it’s not in alignment with your heart’s thriving, it’s not worth investing your time in.

We also carefully go over the 7 Laws of Astronomical Abundance to make sure motives and intentions are in alignment with the win/win/win (if it’s not, the Universe won’t support it).

Week 2: Build Personal Expansion and Evolution into the Game 

Here we design your ideal “work” day/flow (including simple, self-care rituals that keep your intuition and empathic gifts sharpened and on point).  

To be successful in business, you must be tapped into the collective. In the old model, we did this through market research, in the new paradigm, we do that through diving deep WITHIN (where all solutions and true adventures exist).

Self-care is of utmost importance when it comes to intuitive business. Your intuition and creativity IS your currency, so it must be wisely invested and well cared for. This is often the last thing people think about when starting a business (and it should be the first). Once you’ve determined what you need, we create a simple daily ritual/flow that feels good, is customized to your unique needs and desires, and strengthens your potency as a business owner. This builds your character and intuition and causes your power to overflow (so you’re never on empty).

How well your business does depends on how well you take care of yourself. A customized self-care routine plays your highest leverage by helping you invest your energy, rather than spend it.

Week 3: Define Your Ideal Client (or Ideal Focus)

Knowing everything you can know about your ideal client saves A LOT of time and energy often wasted in generic marketing. Once you know WHO you want to reach, you can speak directly to them (and connect to their resonance with a lil’ manifestation magic).

In week 2, we define every aspect of your client and pin point exactly why you are their perfect match. (We’ll also cover how conscious manifestation works, and why your resonance and transparency play a far greater role in customer acquisition than advertising or content marketing).

(Hint: It’s all a bit more magical than you may think). This is the next level of business.

Week 4: Create Your Ideal Master Class to Highlight Your Unique Genius 

A Master Class highlights your unique genius and is essential to let people see who you are and what you are here to give. In week 4, I give you tools to write the ideal Masterclass that allows you to synthesize, simplify, and emphasize your genius. It’s not really about the class, it’s about getting clear on your value.

We’ll also cover ways in which you can use the Masterclass to highlight your services and create a powerful and strategic dialogue with your ideal client.

Week 5: Self Check-in 

This week we take time to dive deep, meet any unmet needs, and test everything we’ve created against the 7 Laws of Astronomical Abundance (the navigation keys of the Abundance Paradigm).

Let’s crystallize your intentions and make sure your business approach meets the deeper needs of your empire. Week 5 gives you the opportunity to reflect on where you are in the process, and readjust anything that may feel out of alignment with the win/win/win.

Week 6: Finalize Your “Package”

Our 6th and final week is all about finalizing what you offer. By the end of this week, you will have your NEW business model tailored and customized to thriving in the Abundance Paradigm. We will have done the necessary “shadow work” to clear and purify any energetic lines that may have been blocking abundance from flowing into all areas of your life.

This is the perfect class to get you mentally and emotionally prepared to take on your first client (or revamp what you currently offer to fit a lifestyle more conducive to thriving and expansive evolution). Invaluable info that meets the deeper emotional and mental needs of running a business.

This is everything I wish I would have had when I got started.

The class will be held in a private Facebook group with weekly “lives” with me. You’ll have 24-hour access to the content at your convenience.

Class begins September 18th. Only 11 spots available.

Special Beta Test Price $222

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Interested in working 1:1 with me?


As a special bonus, I am offering 5 mentoring spots to work personally with me through each of these steps. In addition to the full 6-week Bootcamp intensive, this package includes one 1:1 intuitive sessions with me each week. I find 30 min sessions to be the most potent and beneficial when it comes to RESULTS.

In these sessions, we set the resonance of your electromagnetic field to the matrix of abundance, so the needs of your heart, mind, and body are addressed and met. By building your business from the inside out, we can make sure none of your deeper needs are bypassed and real thriving can take place. One of my superpowers is being able to see clearly where others are blocked and get to the root cause. When we go straight to the root (rather than the symptoms) and shift there, las changes occur.

One of my superpowers is an ability to see clearly where others are blocked and get to to the root cause. When we go straight to the root  (rather than the symptoms) LASTING changes occur.

Must apply for a spot. If you meet the preliminary requirements, we will schedule a 15 min phone call to make sure we’re a right fit before we get started. I’m very selective who I work with at this level (and you should be, too). This is a POWERFUL step to get your business practices on the right track.

If you meet the preliminary requirements, we will schedule a 15 min phone call to make sure we’re a right fit before we get started. I’m very selective who I work with at this level (and you should be, too). I don’t work with people who are not ready to fully wake up and receive the downloads for the next level of the game. I only work with future Masters of the Matrix.

Please fill out the form below to apply for a mentoring spot. You will get a response back from me within 1 business day.

Bootcamp Mentoring Package (includes full class + VIP GOLD ) $888 

Can’t wait to connect.

And incase you missed it…

The 7 Laws of Astronomical Abundance


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