The Saturday Post: Full Circle

The Saturday Post


The funny thing about life is it never really happens quite how you think it will. The way I see it, we can either be dragged along kicking and screaming resisting the whole thing, or we can walk along gracefully with the current, accepting what is without giving up hope for what could be. This is far more obvious on paper (or screen) than it is in 3D life.

Old New

It has been my experience that we reach many points in our lives where we can take the “easy” path or the “hard” path.

Logic dictates taking the easy path makes more sense.  In our society generally we are taught that taking the hard path yields more abundant and fruitful results.

Whether this is 100% true or not is totally up to you but just form observing my life for the past 26 years, I can tell that this really isn’t the case.

I started out accepting what came to me with open arms and very thankful for the experiences I received.  I went from one synchronicity to the next not really worrying about what happened next.  No one taught me to be this way, that’s just how I operated.

Then I got involved in an organization that taught me to “dream big.”  I was very involved in dream building and searching for what would really make me happy.

Questions and Answers signpost

I consider this a great skill of manifestation in my current life even though this organization didn’t really have any idea of how to make these dreams become 3D reality.

It never dawned on me that I was already happy.

Yes there were things I wanted to accomplish and experiences that I worked towards but I was just as happy getting there as I was when I got there.

Once I left this organization I felt very different. My old way of doing things seemed wrong some how and I felt totally lost.


I wandered for a few years after that becoming more and more detached.

I was angry that I had acquired all these wants without the know how to do anything about it until I finally just gave up.

I worked jobs that I hated with people that disrespected and abused me.

I ate food that made me feel like crap and I watched TV shows that made me feel like I never had enough.

I fought with everyone I knew, hurt those that I loved and gave up everything that I cared about. This was and still is my personal rock bottom.

In retrospect, it’s not really that bad, not now.  At the time it was hell and I made it that way.  Plenty of other people go through much worse in their lives and my heart goes out to them.  I truly hope they pay attention to the signs that lead them out of that place like I did.  It took everything crashing down (somewhat literally) around me for me to wake up and start to care about myself again.

But all of that taught me so many vital lessons that I would never give up.  I learned to listen to myself again, to trust myself and most importantly of all, to love myself.


Had my life not gone totally in the crapper I wouldn’t have learned these things with such intensity that they were fused into my soul.

Coming full circle was the most valuable experience of all.

Not only am I back to where I started, now I have the understanding and wisdom to truly appreciate where I was supposed to be all along, exactly where I am.

Namaste Friends.


The Saturday Post: Jamie Mortinson, self proclaimed renaissance women extraordinaire, tackles life with the same fortitude as her handicapped house duck.  Together they fly through the realms of spirituality and self expression in almost every way possible.  From organic gardening and duck farming to painting and crochet, no part of life’s “creation-fest” is off limits.  Interior design, wild edible foods, reading, writing, cooking, self-sufficiency, photography, meditation, yoga and a general love of life encompass nearly all of her time.  Those moments not promised to her passions are extended to her husband, and their celestial children: a dog, two cats, and lots of ducks and chickens.  She resides in Wisconsin but her home is the world and all the people in it are her family.

Jamie is the Saturday Post girl, delivering you news/updates/and thoughts on spiritually via YouTube and the blogging world


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