How to Get Out of the Matrix (Online Class)


“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by ANY yoke of slavery.” Galations 5:1

This one has been along time coming.

For the past 5 years, I have been living as a freelance writer, teaching classes online,rubbing the lamp traveling all over Europe and the Western US, and living outside the matrix of “9 to 5.”

I’ve been asked to do a “how to” class, but I didn’t feel inspired, because frankly I have been figuring it out as I go. I’ve made a lot of mistakes. I’ve learned to live with little money (literally $5 in my bank account at times), and had periods of flowing abundance (able to take weeks off, not working at all). Most of the time my experience lies somewhere in the middle, but I’ve learned a few things from living this way:

  1. Synchronicity is a technology you can use to navigate your reality and lead you toward your desires
  2. There is a DIRECT correlation between my emotional state (how well I’m taking care of myself) and how much money I make (that has little to do with what I’m actually “doing” for “work”)
  3. There are MANY people living outside of the Matrix and THRIVING (and I’ve met them on my adventures — you’re not alone)
  4. Life doesn’t have to be expensive
  5. It’s all about the heart

This class is NOT about how to make money or how to be financially successful, but rather how to use intuition and inner guidance to take steps in the direction of freedom (and I will give tips and suggestions of different ways to live outside the Matrix, including how the internet can be utilized for income).

This class IS about:

  • Committing to live from the heart — for that is where the True Kingdom is.
  • Honing intuition and discovering your true passions
  • Divorcing from the idea that “doing what you love” and “making money” MUST be linked (abundance can come in all different forms, but doing what you love should be a priority, whether you make money from it or not)
  • How to follow synchronicity (and experiments in trusting the flow)
  • The art of remaining still and waiting for the right time to move, even when it’s scary
  • Allowing your passions and desires to lead you to your inner truth

Desire is the fuel by which we create our reality and our life experiences, but if we have no desires (or if we’ve buried them out of a belief they are wrong or bad) we cannot truly engage with this life to the fullest potential of our creative spark.

This class will be released on June 13th and will have 8 modules (or pillars) of freedom that will walk you through very practical steps you can take toward your true passions.

Everyone who pre-registers will get access to my 11 Day Emotional Detox course (free of charge) as well as be entered to win a free intuitive session with me.

Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.

June 13th you will be emailed a link to a password protected page where all material will be available for you to go at your own pace. I will also open a private Facebook group for everyone in the class (so we can share our experiences and co-create a community of support in our endeavors).

Join me on this adventure! I’d love to help you set yourself free!

How to Get Out of the Matrix Online Class $44


“So far I’ve been a part of two of Amanda’s courses. Both have been extremely helpful in my journey and have opened up places of healing as well as places of growth in areas I didn’t even know I needed it. Her courses have shown me ways in which I can empower myself and in turn empower others as well. I’ve also connected with an awesome community through these as well! Her online classes feel extremely personal and connected. I would highly suggest taking any of her courses if you’re new to this field, have some experience, or are simply looking to connect. I don’t know a single person who couldn’t benefit from taking Amanda’s courses.” – Ryan Nolan, New York

Amanda Flaker, I don’t think I’ve told you how much your work has helped me.  Very specifically in the last week I was driving the 84 miles home from LA and I realized there was no trigger anymore when the image of the PEST (person exhibiting sociopath tendencies) came to mind.

The thing that is really significant for me (other than the obvious, that I am doing really well in my home town again) is how clear everything is around this person, compared with the other people who have been triggers for me in my life. Some people I am still working through – some have taken years. But this one, which was so extreme and almost life-ending, this one is clear. And I have no doubt this is due to the work you have shared so generously with all of us. Thank you.” Michaele S. – California 

“[Empowering Empathic Abilities] is a fantastic course for empaths looking to understand their inner abilities, thus helping to understand oneself more. It is said that the discovery of self dwarfs the descent of Everest, and this class for me, helped in beginning my climb.”  Tabitha Johnson, Colorado

“[How to Heal and Thrive as an Empath] is awesome – that’s all I can say. Amanda is a gift and such a beautiful soul. Her courses are invaluable on the subject of empaths. I have known her for a couple of years and her work has been hugely helpful to me.”  Natalia Clark, England 

“I’m loving the class, Amanda. I’m learning so much about myself and about current issues I’m encountering. I’m gaining a whole new perspective that I’m super grateful for. Thank you.”   Cheryl W., BC

“Amanda is a beautiful soul with an amazing gift and I feel blessed to have connected with her. I have had three intutive readings from her. The accuracy of the readings were phenomenal. She truly could read my soul. She picked up on all my vulnerabilities in a compassionate sensitive way. Each time I had a reading she was able to uncover and assist in healing a deeper layer of blockages. After every session I felt elated and had the complete confidence to know that I could use the tools she had given me to continue to work on myself. I can truly say that Amanda has helped to transform my life. I now feel empowered to move forward and also confident in the knowledge that whenever I do encounter life’s obstacles, Amanda’s tools will assist me in overcoming them. I would highly recommended Amanda.” Ann Elizabeth, England




3 thoughts on “How to Get Out of the Matrix (Online Class)

  1. I now realize what I was doing right and wrong. This came at the right time and space.. I can see what fears I have been hanging on to.

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